Prices for contact lenses can differ as much as the individuality of every eye differs. They range from € 1,- to € 1.400,- per lens depending on the type of lens and service effort that are required.

If you initially just want to find out about lenses, we offer comprehensive consultations. We do our own measuring to advise you and to individually outline your best options. This allows us to make a qualified recommendation and provide you with a detailed cost breakdown.

Our individual consultation takes about an hour and we charge a € 30,- fee. If you choose a fitting, the consultation fee is calculated towards the fitting, so in retrospect the consultation will have been free.

We are happy to prepare a tentative quote for your individual lenses and the fitting costs. We include financial aid available from public health insurances.

In case of any intolerance, the lenses can be returned within two months from the date on the delivery note. In this case 50% cost return policy applies.

  • Consultation / Information 30 €
  • Regular lens follow-up check 35 €
  • Check for lenses from other institutes 45 €
  • Cornea topography 15 €
  • Eyeglass determination (distance or proximity) 15 €
  • Intensive cleaning for dimensionally stable lenses 10 €
  • Intensive cleaning for soft contact lenses 15 €
  • Polishing for dimensionally stable lenses 20 bis 30 €
  • Reinforcement for dimensionally stable lenses 15 €
  • Slit lamp cornea examination 7,50 €
  • Binocular eyeglass determination 35 bis 75 €
  • Tear film analysis 7,50 €


For a detailed quote we have to both measure the cornea surface (topography) and determine the lens strength (refraction). We charge € 45,- for these services. These costs are calculated towards the final sum in case of an order.

Health Insurances

The new law for remedies and medical aids has been in effect since April 2017. Itstates new regulations for cost absorption by statutory health insurances. The new law provides ametropic people with the following financial support:

In case of nearsightedness and farsightedness from dioptre 8
In case of astigmatism from dioptre 4,25

Your ophtalmologist provides you with the necessary prescriptions. In most cases the subsidies do not cover the costs for high-end lenses, however the new law offers financial relief for many people. Usually statutory health insurances cover between 30 – 40% of the total costs towards contact lenses.

Customers with private health insurance receive a detailed invoice for submission to their health insurance.

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