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Eyes are a matter of trust

Every human being is unique and so is every eye. That is why we offer individual examinations and consultations. Your wishes and needs set our standards. We design your contact lenses and have them manufactured by the best lens makers in Europe. Our in-house laboratory allows us to then optimize your lenses. We examine your eyes using only the best, state-of-the-art instruments. We utilize only the most modern contact lens materials according to the most recent health standards.

Naturally our service portfolio includes regular check-ups of your eyesight and checks of your lenses. To ensure the health of your eyes, we closely collaborate with a range of ophthalmologists and ophthalmic clinics. We regularly attend trainings, conventions and conferences making sure our comprehensive skill-set is always as up-to-date as possible.

We are members of Interlens, of the VDCO and of the WVAO.

The Contact Lens Team


Corinna Wahrendorf

Contact Lens Specialist (certified Master Optician, Business Economist)
Corinna, the 1 st MD, has been working in the institute since 1994. She manages business and organisational matters and does sophisticated contact lens fittings. She has been on the board of Interlens Contactlinsen Institute e.V for many years and she is responsible for trainings and developments in the contact lens industry.

Irina Wahrendorf

Contact Lens Specialist, optometrist, MA Rehab Educationist,
certified Master Optician)
Irina, the 2 nd MD, has been working in the institute since 1989. She does sophisticated lens fittings and regularly lectures at both conferences as well as universities. In 2005 her she received the Peter-Abel-Award for her Humboldt University Diploma Thesis “Life’s aggravations and forming a life for people suffering from keratoconus”.

Julia Lesinski

Contact Lens Specialist, Master of Science Optometry
Julia has worked for our lens fitting team since 2013. In 2016 She finished her Master’s Degree at Berlin’s Beuth-University and since then she has been fitting all types of contact lenses.

Valeriya Malkina

Valeria will finish her Bachelor Studies at the Beuth-University in 2018. She works with us parallel to her studies and she is also going to write her Bachelor Thesis at the institute.

The Reception Desk Team

Verena, Isabell, Sigrun and Gaby are available for you at reception and on the phone. They manage appointments, invoices and lens care product sales. They are your first point of contact for all your inquiries.











Our institute is equipped with state-of-the-art measuring devices. Karsten Gläser-Wahrendorf uniquely designed it applying colour psychology to create a pleasant workspace for your benefit as well. We have thousands of measuring lenses in stock for individual lens fittings. In case of sophisticated lens fittings we have special measuring lenses custom-made.


Synthetic contact lenses have existed for 70 years. Our institute has existed foralmost 40 years.


In 1978 Uwe and Sylvia Wahrendorf founded the Contact Lens Institute Wahrendorf. What was initially a small, family company with its own contact lens manufactory has since then become an institute well known far beyond the borders of Berlin. As was the case for most goods, the supply situation for contact lenses in GDR was incomparable to what it is today. There were hardly any manufacturers, hardly any
tools and no sales infrastructure. That is why contact lenses were made in only a few
very small companies.

Until 1990 three days a week were reserved for lens fittings, all other days, including weekends were used for manufacturing lenses in the in-house workshop.

Side view of the old shop, 1989
Uwe Wahrendorf inside the old workshop, 1989

Back then technical possibilities were extremely limited. It was only possible to make dimensionally stable contact lenses from PMMA (acrylic glass) using converted watchmaker lathes. Soft lenses were not made. Only very few people had access to soft lenses from selected clinics. The items were imported from other socialist states.

Custom-made contact lenses

Manufacturing custom-made lenses only became possible after the political change in 1989. Given our long experience with making our own lenses, we demand the best quality for our lenses and only work with the best manufacturers.

Moving house

In 1992 the institute moved from Richard-Sorge-Straße to Petersburger Straße and established its presence on the high street. Nowadays we do lens fittings five days a week. In order to individually modify and repair lenses, we still keep a small laboratory.

Managed by Irina and Corinna

Since 2011 Corinna and Irina Wahrendorf have been running the family company.



Interlens is a professional association of about 35 contact lens institutes in Germany, which are specialized solely in contact lens fittings and do regular vocational training.


The VDCO “Vereinigung Deutscher Kontaktlinsenspezialisten und Optometristen” is the Association of German Contact Lens Specialists and Optometrists.


This is the private homepage of a keratoconus patient offering comprehensive information about this condition.


This is the homepage of a club aimed at providing people needing refractive surgery with prevention and rehabilitation. People seeking information as well as people who already had surgery can network in a forum and discuss advantages and disadvantages of the various surgical methods available.


This is a link to a Stuttgart-based company, which manufactures both glass and synthetic ocular prosthesis

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